Healing Walk+People’s Climate March 2017

Healing Walk Napa Valley begins as a peaceful pilgrimage through our beautiful valley, rooted in the indigenous philosophy of invoking sacred space to heal the land and its people. This year we walk in solidarity with People’s Climate Marches throughout the world. The walk is interfaith, intergenerational, and intercultural, with goal of cultivating appreciation and respect for Napa Valley’s watersheds and wildlife and supporting policy changes that ensure their protection.

Begin the Healing Walk in Yountville or Las Flores Park, or gather at Napa Veterans Memorial Park and join arriving walkers as they cross the river to Oxbow Commons Rally. Rally features indigenous ceremonial prayer dancing and drumming and speakers on various local environmental and climate justice issues. The Healing Walk and Rally is sponsored by Suscol Intertribal CouncilCalpulli Nanahuatzin and Protect Rural Napa Education Fund, in partnership with Napa Vision 2050 and Napa Climate NOW!

Please read our Peaceful Healing Walk and Rally guidelines here to save time for yourself, as you will be asked to read and agree to them the day of: Healing Walk-Rally Guidelines



 Schedule in plain text for text-to-speech recognition:

8:30 —  meet at Yountville’s Veteran’s Memorial Park. Sign-in + water blessing    ceremony. Bring your water to be blessed. All waters are blended into one watershed and carried in a small ceremonial vessel along the length of the walk.

9:00 —  depart on 5 mile walk to Las Flores

11:30 —  join at Las Flores Park in North Napa

12:00 —  depart on final 4 miles to Oxbow

 2:00 —  join walkers at Napa Veterans Memorial Park and walk to Oxbow Commons  Rally