Healing Walk 2018 + Climate Fire Mural

hwnvapril28_2018Saturday, April 28th, Yountville to Downtown Napa

8:30am-2:00pm Healing Walk  

2pm-4pm Climate Fire Mural

  1. Our purpose
  2. The Climate Mural
  3. Walk itinerary and logistics

1. The Healing Walk is a peaceful pilgrimage along the length of the Napa Valley, rooted in the indigenous philosophy of invoking sacred space to heal the land and its people where damage has been done. The walk is intercultural, interfaith, and intergenerational, with the goal of cultivating appreciation and respect for Napa Valley’s watersheds and wildlife, and supporting policy changes that ensure their protection.


2. Climate Fire Mural

This year we call upon the memories of the Napa and Northbay Fire Complex. We invite you to bring those memories and experiences and to let the walk carry you into deep reflection, letting it support your acknowledgement and healing process. We partner up with local and regional artists from 350.org Arts Organizing Project and ChalkRiot!. Our partnership commemorates the 6 month “anniversary” of the North Bay Fires. It is a participatory community pavement mural that will be painted entirely out of natural earth-based materials birthed from the fires, such as

coals, ashes, and soils. You are invited to paint alongside mural facilitators and lift up solutions to protect our communities and future generations from wildfires, extreme weather disasters, and the climate change that fuels them. Click Here (Facebook event page) to find out more about the Climate Fire Mural spearheaded by 350.org Arts Organizing Project and ChalkRiot!.

Climate Fire Mural Postcard
Healing Walk Napa Valley

3. Healing Walk Itinerary

  • a) Yountville Opening Ceremony
  • b) Halfway point rest stop
  • C) Closing ceremony with art mural

You can begin the Healing Walk with the opening ceremony in Yountville, near Veteran’s Home, or at the Las Flores Park  5 mile halfway point, or go directly to the end for the closing ceremony at Oxbow Commons in downtown Napa. Read each section description below so you can decide what your calling is. We encourage you to partake in at least the half walk if you are physically able to do this. Support vehicles with water and energy bars will keep us nourished. Comfortable clothes, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are highly recommended. Please bring a reusable water bottle and remember that dogs and cats are not allowed because the black asphalt burns their feet, and the leashes could tangle on people’s feet.

a) Yountville Opening Ceremony (8:30am)


Gather near  Yountville Veterans Home at the grassy area at the base of California Avenue across the Veteran’s Home Visitor Center. This is adjacent to the Golf Course that’s part of Lake Side Grill restaurant. Click here for Google Maps coordinates

The opening ceremony opens up with a water blessing ceremony led by Indigenous communities from Calpulli Nanahuatzin and Suscol Intertribal Council. You are encouraged to bring a small amount of water from a watershed important to you.

You may also bring a sage, copal, or your medicine of choice, as well as your own ceremonial hand drum or shaker to use at the opening ceremony and throughout the walk.  Make sure you arrive on time or earlier so your sign-in pledge is done less rushed (sign-in pledge can be pre-read at bottom of this page).

8:30 —  Sign-in + water blessing    ceremony. Bring your water to be blessed. All waters are blended into one watershed and carried in a small ceremonial vessel along the length of the walk.meet at the grassy field by right below the Yountville Muesum at 55 Presidents Cir, Yountville, CA 94599.

9:00am —  depart on 5 mile walk to Las Flores Park

11:30 —  join at Las Flores Park in North Napa, at 4300 Linda Vista Ave, Napa, CA 94558

12:00 —  depart on final 4 miles to Oxbow Commons, Downtown Napa

 2:00 —  join walkers at Napa Oxbow Commons Closing Ceremony with Danza Nanahuatzin and Climate Fire Mural

SPEAKERS, CEREMONIES and PERFORMERS(more to be confirmed):
* Xulio Soriano, Napa Valley Healing Walk and Remember and Protect Climate Fire Mural co-organizer
* Rebecca Solnit, writer, historian, and activist
* Isabella Zizi and Daniel Ilario, Idle No More SF Bay and peoples delegates to the 2017 COP23 Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany
* May Boeve, Executive Director and cofounder of 350.org. May grew up in Sonoma and went to school in Napa.
* Hector Olvera, President, Latinos Unidos del Valle de Napa y Solano
* Antonia Juhasz (author, investigative journalist)
* Calpulli Nanahuatzin Ceremonial Aztec Dance Group

4:00pm —  End of Climate Fire Mural Project

Please read our Peaceful Healing Walk and Rally guidelines here to save time for yourself, as you will be asked to read and agree to them the day of: Healing Walk-Rally Guidelines